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Survivor and two rescuers meet in Swiss village of Celerina

A tiny village in the Swiss Alps was the site of a reunion on July 18th of a North Atlantic airplane crash survivor and two of his rescuers. The village of Celerina welcomed Fred Caruso, Pierre-Andre Reymond and Walter Wunderlin who … Continue reading

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Restoration Clubs Keep the Super Constellation Alive

Restoration clubs around the world are beginning to bring the Super Constellation back to life with hard work by a lot of volunteers and funds provided by generous sponsors. A Swiss friend of “Flying Tiger 923”, Peter W. Frey, an … Continue reading

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Robert Eldred: “The hand of God was at the controls of the plane.”

Retired Army Captain Robert C. Eldred was one of the 17 survivors evacuated from the Swiss rescue ship Celerina by RAF Helicopter. He was interviewed on the tarmac of the new Cork Airport as rescue teams transported the injured to … Continue reading

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Flying Tiger 923 and the Raging North Atlantic – A Video

Taken in the same area of the North Atlantic on the afternoon of the very day of the demise of Flying Tiger 923 (Sept. 22-23, 1962), a 19-year-old crew member of the rescue ship Celerina, Pierre Andre Reymond took a two … Continue reading

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Reader memories stirred by website stories

Reader comments suggest the value of this effort: *     *     *     *     * Barbara Murray, Hi there! I am Barbara Murray, daughter of John Murray. What an amazing story! And you know my dad and mom never really explained … Continue reading

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Ditching of Flight 923 is an Atlantic ‘First’

Philadelphia Enquirer, Tuesday morning, Sept. 25, 1962 – “Sunday night’s ditching of a Flying Tiger Constellation off the coast of Ireland was the first successful “controlled” water landing in the Atlantic by a U.S. scheduled airline since the carriers began … Continue reading

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A watery grave was not to be — the Henrich family

Most likely the pilot and crew didn’t see the desperate mother and three children standing on the tarmac with the Military Police. They were waving frantically, trying to get their attention. If the pilot and crew did see them, they probably thought … Continue reading

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World Crises Build in September 1962

September, 1962, was an intense month around the world, politically and militarily. Major issues dominated newspaper headlines. Among them were the Soviet Union’s involvement with Cuba (leading to the Cuban missile crisis), continuing tensions around the Berlin Wall, and the … Continue reading

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George Christodal: One that got away!

George Christodal was an 18-year-old paratrooper with a slightly more privileged occupational specialty than the combat troopers aboard FT923. He was trained in cryptography (secret coding) as a matter of chance assignment, or as he would say, by the toss … Continue reading

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4 fatal crashes for Flying Tigers in 1962

The Flying Tiger Line lost four airplanes to crashes with fatalities in 1962. All  four were Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellations. A total of 141 lives were lost on board the four aircraft and three lives were lost of people on … Continue reading

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