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About Fred Caruso

Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.
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9 Responses to Welcome to our memorial site . . .

  1. One thing that seems to be missing friend… You never introduce yourself! Tell us WHO YOU ARE! What’s your name? WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR BOOK? Where is the link to buy it on Amazon? Why not include a picture of you or at lease an email address we can reach you at? Hope you check out my WordPress blog at lastcre8iveiconoclast friend. Very nice to meet you. You have a compelling story to tell!

  2. dan says:

    Check out this video I shot of the 50th anniversary and unveiling of the plaque at Galley Head West Cork

  3. Dorothy Neisen says:

    My husband, S/Sgt Richard McMunn Miskimen, died in that crash. His body was recovered.
    My three year old daughter and I were waiting @ Spangdahlem AFB, Germany for his return. I had no idea there was a book or any memorials. I would like to hear from others who also lost family members. Dorothy Neisen gdot0724@att.net

  4. Kenneth D Stellon says:

    I went to lunch the other day with Frank Ruffalo who is one of the survivors. He will be in Fountain Hills, AZ, from May 1 through May 5. Frank and his wife Pat are wondering if you can meet with them in Fountain Hills. Frank has contacted another survivor, Sam Vasquez, who lives in Peoria, AZ. They plan to meet in Fountain Hills and were hoping to connect with you if possible.
    Please let me know either way as Frank does not have e-mail and I am serving as his contact person. My e-mail is barbken1825@yahoo.com.
    Kenneth D Stellon

  5. Erik Stewart says:

    My name is Erik Stewart, My father is Paul Stewart. My brother and I have told him about the site. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get a hold of my father

  6. kent peyton says:

    I have researched this for years to write a book I guess you have beaten me to it is there a book my father was an aircraft mechanic for flying tigers at Gander where the p[lane stopped for refueling I am familiar with the story

  7. Una and john Barrett from Kildare. says:

    Nice to meet you both in Glengarriff,
    what an amazing story that i will pass on to lots of our friends to read.
    Una and John Barrett.

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Ellen and I enjoyed meeting you in Glengarriff and were hoping we might be hearing from you. I am glad you looked up the web site and especially hope you read all of the welcome and introductory pages. My direct email is fred.ocaruso@gmail.com. Hoping to hear from you again. We are both longing to be back in Ireland. We have only been back in Eagle since 10 September.

  8. Art Gilbreth ( out of body experience story) says:

    Fred: Have not been on the site for years, you have done a great job! A lot of new and interesting takes on the crash. Keep up the good work. A survivor.

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