Some articles don’t readily fall into categories such as passengers, crew or rescuers. They fall into a default category named “unclassified.” They add to our understanding and awareness of the disaster.

> Not your typical airplane crash > Many would say there is no such thing as a “typical” airplane crash, however, there are a number of reasons why Flying Tiger Flight 923 stands out as not typical.

> A photo of Super Connie #N6923C — RIP  > Super Constellation aircraft, #N6923, is THE aircraft that met its demise as Flying Tiger Flight 923. This photo was taken a year before the crash by a Swedish engineering student.

Video – Raging Seas of the North Atlantic  > The most awesome of the Gems is a video provided to us by a former crew-hand of the Swiss rescue ship Celerina, Pierre-Andre Raymond, then only 19 years of age. You have to see it to believe it.

Going Down with FT923 > This is a list of all passengers and crew, dead, missing and surviving as reported in the New York Times.

> Lack of lighting weighs in on death toll > Recommendation for safety lighting on life vests was ignored.

> One light – One raft – 51 people > Captain Murray remembers a flashlight and returns to the cockpit to retrieve it. Good thing! That light turns out to be the only light that could be used as a signal. The life raft was upside down and the rim lights were facing down into the water.

Flight 923 — 50 Years On > Our very first post of 28 October 2011 explains the purpose and the objectives of this site.

> CAB Report Available for Free Download > This official report totals only 37 pages. Investigations didn’t go into as much detail as they do today. In any event, it is something and an important document to have.

> Flying Tiger Memorial Begins at Galley Head > Pilgrimage highlights importance of so many players including the Galley Head light house and peninsula.

> Books Tell Of Crash Drama > Book resources of value discussing the crash. Each is totally different from another.

> Movie parallels many aspects of Flying Tiger 923 > An interesting psycho-drama that parallels Flying Tiger 923 is the movie “Passengers” with Jane Hathaway.

> Ode to Big Bird Flying Tiger 923 > This is a poem by one of the first emergency rescue team assigned to the brand new Cork City Airport. The demise of Flying Tiger 923 was a significant factor in many people’s lives. This may be a reflection of that significance.

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> O’CARUSO > About Fred Caruso, the Irish O’Caruso and the developer,  editor and writer and  of this site. This article tells of his roll as a survivor and author of a book centered around the crash and its impact on his life. The book, Born Again Irish, tells how Flying Tiger 923 drove his life into a career of journalism and the adoption of Ireland as home.


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  1. Donal Goggin says:

    Fred, we have lost touch, congratulations on the Galley Head memorial, the 923 page is a fitting piece , I am still in Kerry at jetclipr@gmail.com

    Best regards Donal Goggin

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