The Swiss freighter MS Celerina was nothing less than salvation in the eyes of the 48 survivors who endured nearly six hours of pitching and rolling in ice cold water of the North Atlantic. This index of articles is dedicated to the Celerina as well as all of those the Celerina touched.

> The Swiss Rescue Ship Celerina > by former crew member Pierre-Andre Reymond. This is an exciting and detailed description from the first word of trouble, thru the actual rescue itself and ship information

> Reminiscences and Complications of Rescue at Sea > by Captain LC Lugli and Chief Engineer Anthony Neumamann. Originally written for Nautica magazine (April 2006) in Italian, this report details some of the complex moves and logistics involved in making such a rescue.

> How did the rescue ship get its name? > And the answer is (you have to read it).

>Video – Raging Seas of the North Atlantic  > One of the most awesome contribution to this memorial site is a video provided to us by a former crew-hand of the Swiss rescue ship Celerina, Pierre-Andre Reymond, then only 19 years of age. You have to see it to believe it.

2 Responses to CELERINA

  1. just an interested reader says:

    There exists a detailed report from the wireless operator on the Celerina, Georg Stoeckli. I haven’t found it on your website, so you may not know it yet? It’s in German, you will have to have it translated (my English is not good enough to do it):

    Click to access Rettungsaktion-Strom-See-G.Stoeckli.pdf

    Kind regards from Switzerland.

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Thank you for your message about Stoeclki. I managed to miss it with the closing of the memorial but got a copy from a daughter of a father who survived and mother who died. I sincerely apologize for not responding sooner. Do you have any other information? were you on the Celerina?

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