Going Down with FT923

Few details were available in the first days following the crash. One of the first reliable stories was the list of those on the plane, passengers and crew, and those surviving, dead or missing at sea. The following is a list as reported in the New York Times, re-typed for easier reading and identification:

Those on the Plane:

The Dead:

ALTIERI, Specialist 4 Anthony, New Haven, Conn.
BELL, Sgt. Edmond P., Colorado Springs, CO
BINFORD, Pvt. Harold K., Luverne, MN
BUCEK, Pvt. August Jr., Wauwatosa, WI
DENT, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Lieut. Col. George H. Dent, Fredericksburg, VA
LESANE, Pvt. Harold, Philadelphia, PA
MISKIMEN, S. Sgt. Richard M., New Philadelphia, OH

GARRETT, James E., Brentwood, Long Island, NY, flight engineer
PARKER, Robert W., Port Washington, Long Island, NY, co-pilot
SIMS, Betty A., New York City, NY, flight attendant.

ALLEN, Sgt. James, East Gadsden, AL
BANEY, S.Sgt. Melvin H., Pelham, N.H.
BROADWATER, Specialist 4 Charles E., El Paso, Texas
BROWN, Pvt. John E. Pittsburg, PA
DEVLIN, Capt. John P., Philadelphia, PA
DEVLIN, Mrs. Naomi, wife of Captain Devlin
ELDRED, Mrs. Edna, wife of Capt. Robert C. Eldred, a survivor, Jenkinstown, PA
GROVES, Specialist 4 John, Pittsburg, PA
HANSON, Pvt. Joe W., Fernwood, Idaho
HOOPII, Mrs Rachel K, Oahu, Hawaii
HOOPII, Luana, child of Mrs Hoopii
HOOPII, Ullani, Child of Mrs. Hoopii
JOHNSON, Pvt. Carroll M., Tempe, AZ
JOHNSON, Pvt. Don L., Oakland, CA
MANNING, Pvt. James L., Belleville, IL
McGINTY, Pvt. James T., Atlanta, GA
BROTMAN, Jacqueline L., Chicago, IL, flight attendant.
MUDD, Ruth, Brown Mills, NJ, flight attendant.

ACEVEDO-CAMBERO, Pvt. Raul, Los Angeles, CA
ALEPOS, Sgt. Juan J, Killeen, TX
APANEL, Pvt. Edward J. Jr., Palisades Park, NJ
BAKER, Pvt. Mack Jr., Bastrop, LA
BATES, Sgt Ralph E, Wurtland, KY
BAZELL, Pvt. Frank D., Van Nuys, CA
BENSON, Maj. Harry O., Marshfield Hills, MA
BODUNG,  Sgt. 1st Class Alfred, Indianapolis, IN
BROWN, Pvt. George V., Oshkosh, WI
CARUSO, Pvt. Frederick C. Jr., Nanuet, NY
CRAPOLICCHIO, Spec. 4 Anthony M., South Arlington, VA
DAVIDSON, Pvt. Larry E.., Manchester, MD
DAWKINS, Pvt. Bobby D., Cowpens, SC
DENT, Lieut. Col. George H., Fredericksburg, VA
ELANDER, Maj. Carl R., West Point, NY
ELANDER, Mrs. Lois, wife of Major Elander
ELDRED, Capt. Robert C., Jenkintown, PA
FIGUEROA-LONGO, Capt. Juan G. Santurce, PR
FIGUEROA-LONGO, Mrs. Carmen, wife of Captain Figueroa-Longo
FOLEY, Sgt. Peter A., South Bend, IN
GAZELLE, Pvt. Frederick C., Pasadena, CA
GILBRETH, Pvt. Arthur L., Big Bear Lake, CA
GROVES, Mrs. Helga, wife of Specialist Groves
HAWKINS, Pvt. Robert C. Birmingham, AL
HOFER, Pvt. Joe E., Birmingham, AL
KECK, Pvt. Charles P., Gibonville, NC
KOLTAK, Pvt. Thomas P., Morgantown, WV
MacDONALD, Cpl., John E., Mexico, ME
McGLOTHREN, Pvt. Willard F., Cottage Hill, FL
MENDEZ, Pvt. Reynolds, Chula Vista, CA
MURRAY, Pvt. Michael A., Youngstown, OH
NEVILLE, Pvt. Larry A., Fort Walton, FL
PIERCE, Pvt. Leroy F., Modesto, CA
RUFFOLO, Pvt. Frank A., Chicago, IL
SAYERS, Pvt. James M., Princeton, WV
SMITH, Pvt. Willie Jr., Atlanta, GA
STEWART, Pvt. Paul R. Ardmore, OK
THORNSBERRY, Pvt. Gordon E., Russellville, Ark
TOMINELLO, Pvt. Dominic, Mohnton, PA
TOOLE, Pvt. John Jr., Montgomery, AL
TRAWICK, Pvt. Richard M., Birmingham, AL
VASQUEZ, Pvt. Samuel C., Phoenix, AZ
WERNER, Pvt. Douglas N., Munci, IN
WIDMER, Pvt. Edwin, Rigewood, Queens, NY
WILSON, Sgt. Ernest L., New Orleans, LA
MURRAY, Capt.John D., Oyster Bay, LI, pilot
NICHOLSON, Samuel T., Dallas, PA, navigator
GOULD, Carol Ann, Lyndhurst, NJ, flight attendant

If you know anything at all about those listed (dead, missing or surviving),  or have any memories or thoughts you would like to convey, please give us your comments below. Thank you so much on behalf of all involved.

About Fred Caruso

Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.
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16 Responses to Going Down with FT923

  1. I actually question as to why you called this article, “Going Down with FT923
    | Flying Tiger 923”. No matter what I actually enjoyed the blog!
    Thank you,Roxanne

  2. Barbara Rodd says:

    My Uncle, Private Harold Keith Binford, was one of the dead of the Flying Tiger 923 crash. He had just turned 23. I was 5 years old at the time, but remember the confusion within my family when they found out the news – from the local news station. My mom always wondered if he survived the crash, but died while waiting for the rescue ship. I read the book “Born Again Irish” and this answered a lot of my questions of what my uncle went through his last hours of his life.


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  4. lyricspinner says:

    I was eight years old at the time. My mother was at the gate on the tarmac and she was arguing with the guard explaining that she needed to be on that plane. You see she had two other small kids my brother 4 , my sister six months old and she arrived 10 minutes late. I still remember her speaking to the guard and I remember the plane. I also remember the guard telling her not to worry there would be another flight leaving soon bound for Frankfurt. Germany. Was wondering if anybody out there could get a hold of the manifest for that flight. My name is Gerald Henrich and there were four of us that missed that flight. My father was waiting at Rhinemain, Air Force Base when it was announced flight 923 had gone down.
    I know now that I was spared and have lived 51 years since that crash to prove it. I have the orders to show that we were to be on that flight. I would like to be in contact with anyone that was a board the flight that survived please Email or call me direct at 703-376-1274 thank you. I would love to hear from you.

    • David Baney says:

      Then you were on my flight ,,,Riddle Airlines that was filled after the FT flight was full. The same thing happened to my family..Mom and 4 of us kids. If you were on the Riddle flight then you know the FT flight took off from Gander but when we followed we had an engine catch fire on takeoff…We then spent 2 days in Gander after which we flew by C-130 to another airport to catch another flight. My father was at Rhein Main and did not know if we were on the FT flight or what>> ….David Baney PS I was the kid they had sit up in the hallway so in case someone came for us I could wake everyone up….

  5. Linda hamilton says:

    Larry E Davidson was my brother. I was 15 when this happened.
    I remember pacing thru out the house waiting for word about him

  6. Steve Moore says:

    Joe Hofer is alive and well in Rome, Ga.

  7. My name is Charles Haynes. I missed the flight that day. It was pulling away from the terminal when I arrived at McGuire. I was still at the terminal waiting for another flight, when I found out that the plane had gone down. I often wonder if I would have survived the crash. I feel very fortunate that I was allowed to live to a ripe old age. I’m very sorry that there were those who didn’t.

  8. George says:

    Art Gilbreth is alive and well in Sunriver Oregon. He was injured during the crash by the com line attached to the tail going under water and was thrown in the one raft. Believe story of survivors was written in Newsweek or Life.

  9. warren cross says:

    I was manafested on that flight.However i got a flight on a kc135. My ex first sgt from Greenland was thare and he made the arrangments.for me.! fate plays tricks.Thare were other things that happened on the 135. But that is another story.I was on my my way to Bitburg Germany.

  10. mbaker124 says:

    BAKER, Pvt. Mack Jr., Bastrop, LA. My Dad 81 now still talks about this flight and remember all the details of the crash as if it was yesterday.

    • lyricspinner says:

      Call Gerald tomorrow at 11 am. I’ll keep a watch out for a call. 703-376-1274

      Good evening

      Sent from my iPhone


    • lyricspinner says:



      Look up Flying Tiger, flight ✈️ 923 I was destined not to be found at the bottom of the sea 🌊 None of the children aboard survived that trip to Germany 🇩🇪 My mother had missed that boarding time from Ft.Dix, New Jersey While my father was crying, thinking we were among the deceased I still to this day can’t believe I’m a survivor because God intervened He knew before I was born that I was meant to be I was only eight years old enjoying the life of Riley

      Gerald J Henrich Copyright :© 04/08/2022 06:42 reserved, reprint by permission only

      Sent from my iPhone


  11. Robert fox says:

    Larry Neville was my grandfather and I remember him telling this story. He passed away April 10th of 2022 and we had his funeral on the 16th. This was the story they told of him.

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