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Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.

Dedicated to Captain John Murray

Our Anniversary #58 is dedicated to  Captain John D. Murray, our pilot, a true hero .  .  . Captain John Murray held 78 lives in the palms of his hands. The weather was horrible. It was dark and the winds … Continue reading

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Air Force Journalist Reaches Out to the World

Many Thousands Read of Ditching By Teresa Foley (special to this Memorial Website) At the time of the Flying Tiger ditching in the North Atlantic, my father Peter Foley was in the Air Force and had reached the rank of … Continue reading

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National Magazine Shows Agony in Raft

Air Force Journalist and Ditching Survivor Peter Foley did a lot of writing about the horrors of the ditching and joys of survival. One of  his stories with perhaps the most impact appeared in the Saturday Evening Post magazine in … Continue reading

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The Actual Flying Tiger #923

Chartered for an education and orientation tour. Photo above is the actual Flying Tiger Flight 923 aircraft that was ditched in the North Atlantic on September 23, 1962. The photo was taken in June of 1961 by Ragnar Domstadt, who … Continue reading

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Fifty seven years and counting . . . . .

FLASH FACTS on the demise of Flying Tiger 923 September 23, 1962 Nearly fifty eight years after the crash of Flying Tiger 923, it is still astonishing to see how little was known by the survivors of the event that … Continue reading

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Bromore Cliffs Memorial

It was a sunny day at Bromore Cliffs at Ballybunion, Ireland. This is the site of one of the two known memorials for the crash of the Flying Tiger 923, which occurred some 500 west of that point, on September … Continue reading

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Flying Tiger Flight 923 Makes it to the World-wide Encyclopedia Wikipedia

It was always something of a mystery and a disappointment to me (the author of this article), NOT to find such an important historical event listed in Wikipedia, the free, universal, world-wide Encyclopedia. The North America version of Wikipedia (in … Continue reading

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Former Aer Lingus Pilot Recalls Flying Tiger Ditching

DITCHING IN THE ATLANTIC by Charlie Coughlan, Galley Head, Ireland The successful ditching of US Airlines flight 1549 into the Hudson River reminded me of a much more difficult ditching that happened near Ireland in 1962. Whilst I don’t wish … Continue reading

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Friendship Postcard Reaches its Target After 55 years in Safekeeping

Paul Stewart was a young Army private from Ardmore, Oklahoma and a very recent graduate of parachute training program on the night of September 23, 1962, the date of the fatal mid-sea ditching of the Flying Tiger 923. He was … Continue reading

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The Numbers: 923 — 923

Two numbers that everyone familiar with the Flying Tiger crash should remember are “923” and “923.” The first number 923 refers to the airplane, a Lockheed four engine Super Constellation, “Flying Tiger 923.” The second number refers to the date … Continue reading

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