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The Numbers: 923 — 923

Two numbers that everyone familiar with the Flying Tiger crash should remember are “923” and “923.” The first number 923 refers to the airplane, a Lockheed four engine Super Constellation, “Flying Tiger 923.” The second number refers to the date … Continue reading

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A look at the web site record

As this Flying Tiger 923 Memorial Web Site meets the end of three full years of public posting of 106 stories, we take pride in the fact that we have enjoyed some 61,000 public views world-wide. Of course, the majority … Continue reading

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Betty Sims Cannin memorial is located in Michigan

There is a memorial stone in Downing Cemetery near Deckerville, Michigan with the following inscription: Betty Sims Cannin 1930 –1962 IN MEMORY OF MY PRECIOUS WIFE BETTY SIMS CANNIN. AIRLINE STEWARDESS, WHO CRASHED AT SEA SEPTEMBER 23, 1962 JAMES CANNIN … Continue reading

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Update on Galley Head

Galley Head Lighthouse is the home one of the 50th anniversary memorials dedicated on September 23, 2012. On reporting the memorial activities at Galley Head, it was stated that “the lighthouse ceased functioning with the advent of global positioning satellites, … Continue reading

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Memorial dedicated at Browmore Cliffs

On September 23, 2012, a second and almost simultaneous memorial dedication to the Flying Tiger ditching and rescue was held on the Irish Bromore Cliffs overlooking the North Atlantic, south of Shannon Airport, some 100 miles northwest of Galley Head.  … Continue reading

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Ode to Big Bird (Flying Tiger 923)

A Memorial Poem For the “Big Bird” Flying Tiger Flight 923 By Garret  Ahern, Dublin, Ireland ‘Big Bird’ Out from New Jersey, Big bird spreading wings, Trundling east-ward, in War-cold nineteen-sixty-two. Three-score souls and ten- And more aboard, Service by … Continue reading

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