Who is in the Photo?

Our friend and fellow Flying Tiger survivor, Sammy Vasquez of Phoenix, Arizona, sent us two group photos taken aboard the Celerina on the final leg of the journey, following the airlift of 17 to Ireland. We have been able to identify a number of those in the photos but are seeking help in identifying others. Here is the first photo:

Survivors at Antwerp

At Antwerp, Belgium

Continue to read this post for a closer view of the photo and see who we have identified.

Survivors at Antwerp

Survivors at Antwerp with Celerina Crew Members

To make identification a little easier, the photo is cut into two pieces. Here is a view of just the front row:

Front Row

Front row of group picture.

Shown from the far left is: Celerina Deck Hand Pierre-Andre Reymond, Switzerland; Pvt. Sammy Vasquez, Phoenix, Arizona; Pvt. Joe E. Hofer, Birmingham, Alabama; Pvt. Gordon Thornsberry, Russellville, Arkansas;  and Celerina 2nd Steward Jean-Claude Bovier.

Here is a closer look at the back rows:

Back rows.

Back rows of group photo.

From the far left: Pvt. Michael Murray, Youngstown, Ohio; (in white shirt) Celerina Mess Boy Emil Kohler; (standing slightly behind Kohler) Pvt. Reynolds Mendez, Chula Vista, California; Pvt. Dominic Tuminnello, Mohnton, Pennsylvania (kneeling); an unidentified trooper; Flying Tiger Stewardess Carol Ann Gould Hansen, Lyndhurst, New Jersey; Mrs. Carmen Figueroa-Longo, Santurce, Puerto Rico; (to her immediate right) Pvt. Charles P. Keck, Gibonville, North Carolina; Capt. Juan Figueroa-Longo, MD, Santurce, Puerto Rico, and an unidentified trooper.

Your help in identifying the remaining persons in the photo will be greatly appreciated. We will display the second photo in the weeks to come.

About Fred Caruso

Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.
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13 Responses to Who is in the Photo?

  1. Ginny Trawick Farley says:

    The man on the far right is my uncle, Richard M. Trawick from Birmingham, AL. He is still alive and I will pass this along to him. Thank you, Ginny Trawick Farley

  2. doug werner says:

    behind carmen figueroa-longo is me doug werner and behind me to the right(dark hair) is edwin widmer also ginny tell your uncle i said hi would love to get in touch with him

  3. John says:

    that does not look at all like Carol Gould !

    • Candi McKay says:

      It’s not Carol Gould – it’s Captain Lugli’s daughter according to a book I’m reading. It includes a photo of Lugli’s daughter, too.

  4. Deb Prodoehl says:

    Private Gordon Thornsberry spoke at our Memorial Day service in Russellville, AR today about this plane crash. He is a member of the Pope County Quoram Court and was asked to be our speaker. He was pretty choked up at times.

  5. Ray Jordan says:

    Happy 69th Birthday, D-Day; your survival & existence has given our family a sense of consolation, especially since you live just a few miles from all of us, in the Valley of the Sun. In a strange way, our beloved Carroll Mac Johnson lives, because you survived, returned home, and brought something of Uncle Mac back to us: His Good Friend Sammy Vasquez.

  6. Brian Davidson says:

    Just behind Carol Ann Gould Hansen is, my father, Larry ‘Skip’ Davidson. You can only see his head a little to the left of Carol. He passed away at 49 from a brain tumor and never talked about this event. I only know what I read in a couple of old magazine articles that my grandmother had. It is interesting for me to be able to read more about what happened and to understand what he may have gone through. Thanks for this website.

  7. duluthelite says:

    The unidentified black trooper in the middle very back is my Uncle Robert “Bobby” Dawkins. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA

  8. Joan Sullivan says:

    Would love to know if anyone remembered Sgt.Melvin Baney. He didn’t know how to swim and his body was never found, but always wondered if any survivors knew or remembered him from the flight.

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