Flying Tiger Flight 923 Makes it to the World-wide Encyclopedia Wikipedia

It was always something of a mystery and a disappointment to me (the author of this article), NOT to find such an important historical event listed in Wikipedia, the free, universal, world-wide Encyclopedia. The North America version of Wikipedia (in English) contains a number of entries about the Flying Tiger Line and articles on historic events of the air line, such as its crashes.

So I am very happy to report now that details of the tragic Flight 923 have finally made it to the pages of Wikipedia. The good news is that it is there for the world to see more easily, but the bad news is that it is currently only viewable in the German version in the German language!

The article is detailed and accurate as you would expect in an encyclopedia listing. Errors in spelling and grammar are probably due to non-human electronic translations. Two of the major contributors to the article are friends and published contributors to this Flying Tiger 923 Memorial web-blog. Peter W. Frey is a special-interest, investigative reporter and radio announcer with the German region Swiss Public Radio network. Frey flew to Ireland in 2012 to interview me and an important rescuer, Pierre Andre Raymond. Another contributor is Georg Stockli. He was the radio operator on the MS Celerina the night of the crash.

Read about both men on this website by clicking these links: Peter Frey and Georg Stockli.

Our thanks to Karen Eldred-Steffan for bringing this article to our attention. Karen lives in Germany, which is why she was able to connect with the article over the internet. In Germany the search engines automatically default to the German version of Wikipedia.*

Karen is the daughter of then retired Capt. Robert Eldred and Mrs. Edna Eldred, both of whom were passengers on the fateful night of September 23, 1962. Capt. Eldred survived to tell the story, but his wife tragically perished in the crash. Karen was 17 at the time. You can read Captain Eldred’s story on this site by clicking the link on his name.

Karen has been sending items for use in this site during the past year, much of which had been collected and saved by her father who has since passed away. We very much appreciate her commitment to this memorial.

Here is a link to the German Wikipedia entry:

Most search engines have a translation function built-in, but if the article pops up in German, it can be translated by any of a number of on-line translation programs. We will attempt during the coming year to get the article listed in the English master edition of Wikipedia.

*     *    *     *    *     *

* [The German Wikipedia edition] Founded in March 2001, it is the second-oldest, after the English Wikipedia, and with 2,251,582 articles, at present (2017) the fourth-largest edition of Wikipedia by number of articles, behind the English Wikipedia and the heavy bot-generated Swedish Wikipedia[1] and Cebuano Wikipedia.[2][3][4] It has the second-largest number of edits and over 260,000 disambiguation pages.[5] On 7 November 2011, it became the second edition of Wikipedia, after the English edition, to exceed 100 million page edits. [Note: This paragraph was taken directly from the German Wikipedia explanation of itself.]

About Fred Caruso

Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.
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10 Responses to Flying Tiger Flight 923 Makes it to the World-wide Encyclopedia Wikipedia

  1. Fred, Thank you so much for doing this… And for doing ALL you’ve done to create this historical experience for us all. Thank God for you, my friend.
    Merry Christmas, O’Caruso

    Joan Sullivan & Jim Baney

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Thank you Joan. You have no idea how helpfull you have been. Everytime I see a bee, I think of you.
      Your story of all of the historic haooenings during September of 1962 lead me to the Cuban Missle Crisis, even though it didn’t happen for a little while. Thathelped me put so many things together. Do you know, according to the natiion archives in Washington D.C., I wasn’t even there. It’s a good thing. If I were there, I probably would never get over it. Who knows. We may all get tother sometin yet. O’Caruso

  2. Hi Fred, that’s great! If you need any help for a translation of the page into French, you know that I am ready for helping you…. as in 1962. Enjoy a beautiful Chrismas and with my best wishes for 2019 to you, your familly and the great FT923 familly!
    Pierre-André / ms Celerina

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Pierre, thank you so much for the offer to help. I may need it to get officially into the master version.
      Ellen and I hope you enjoyed the art exhibitian. We looked it up on the internet and could hardly believe how interesting his work was. We should have come to Spain, even if it were for a few short hours. We are hoping to see you this year. We expect to be on the continent at least twice. We appreciate how important you have been to our lives. O’Caruso

  3. lyricspinner says:

    Happy New year in a few days Fred. If it wasn’t for you the Flying Tiger crash would still be scantly heard about. Thanks again Fred for your concern on bringing this tragic disaster to light.

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Lyricspinner, thank you so much for the kind words. You are as very much appreciated and thankworthy for what I’ve come up with so far. Your story is maybe more unbelievable than some of the stories of those who were there. I am glad you were where you were at the time. It must have been a real “downer.”
      I’ve always told my kids that “half of life is showing up.” But your story reminds me that sometimes ALL of life is being “aced” out, falling short, missing the boat. It is not over until it is over, which all the more reason, one should keep the “sunnyside out” and enjoy whatever there is of the journey. Thank you so much for being an inspiring part of this memorial.

  4. Karen Eldred-Stephan says:

    Hi Fred!
    I’ll try to get on it to translate, but I’m not sure what I do then. There’s a bunch of references that have to be brought over and so on. It could take a bit of time too, we’re just beginning to pack for a move in the middle of February. In the meantime, if anybody else feels inspired to give it a go, I’m happy to share the project.
    Happy, happy New Year!

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Karen, I am sure I can find someone, or several who will help verify references. You have done an incredibly wonderful job for anyone even remotely interested in FT923. I could notthank you enough. O’Caruso

  5. Carol Hansen says:

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop of information. The left wing broke off not the right as it said. I was on the left side and tried to walk on the wing and get the raft out but there was no wing.

    Thanks again for everything that you have done to get all the information. Good work.

    Happy New Year

    Carol Hansen

  6. Cody Garrett says:

    Nice postt thanks for sharing

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