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Seeking Celerina crew members

Since the beginning of this project, we have located a small number of crew members from the Swiss rescue ship, MS Celerina. They are scattered all over the globe. The ship had a crew of 34 at the time, including … Continue reading

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FLASH BACKS on the demise of Flying Tiger 923!

Fifty years after the crash of Flying Tiger 923, it is astonishing to see how little was known by the survivors of the event that very nearly took their lives. No one had an opportunity to see all of the … Continue reading

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Antwerp is “land at last” for remaining survivors

Disembarking from the Swiss freighter and rescue ship MS Celerina and touching dry land at Antwerp, Belgium for the first time in five days were the remaining survivors of the ditching of Flying Tiger Line Flight 923. Shown above at … Continue reading

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Land at last: 27 survivors reach Antwerp, Belgium

After five days at sea on the Swiss freighter Celerina, 27 survivors of the crash of the ill-fated Flying Tiger 923 were able to stand on solid ground at the docks of Antwerp.  For those who got off the ship … Continue reading

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How did the rescue ship get its name?

To many of the survivors of Flying Tiger 923, the name of the Swiss ship, Celerina, means “rescue, safety. survival and life.” But what is the true meaning of the name?    Immediately after the ditching in late September 1962, … Continue reading

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Who is in the Photo?

Our friend and fellow Flying Tiger survivor, Sammy Vasquez of Phoenix, Arizona, sent us two group photos taken aboard the Celerina on the final leg of the journey, following the airlift of 17 to Ireland. We have been able to … Continue reading

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Capt. LC Lugli and Anthony Neumann: Reminiscences and Complications of a Rescue at Sea

In the chaos of foam of the sea and the wave crests, suddenly appears in a small clear light, certainly that of a torch in hand. On it we direct cone reflectors that reveal a life raft captured between the waves that … Continue reading

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Capt. Juan Figueroa-Longo, MD

Air Force Capt. Juan G. Figueroa-Longo, MD, and his wife, Carmen, started out on a vacation in Europe and wound up as two of the lucky survivors of the tragic North Atlantic ditching of the Flying Tiger.  The Captain also wound … Continue reading

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