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17 Airlifted to the Emerald Island

The skies were crystal clear, the sun was brilliant, and the ocean winds were calm that day in dramatic contrast to the previous three days of cold, tumultuous seas driven by gale force winds. The Swiss rescue ship Celerena lay … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Sims Cannin: Newlywed attendant shows bravery on her final flight

“She asked us, as a routine precaution to get our life jackets out of our seat pockets. Miss Sims and her three assistants, Carol Ann Gould, Jacqueline Brotman and Ruth Mudd, helped us into the life jackets and led us through ditching … Continue reading

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One light – One raft – 51 people

“Then I had an inspiration. I went back to the cockpit for a flashlight. By that time  the water in the cabin was waist deep. No one else was in the plane. Again at the back door, I was swept out to … Continue reading

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Mac Johnson: He will not be forgotten

“A Mesa, Arizona mother held a flicker of hope today that her son would be found some 500 miles off the coast of Ireland in the teaming, stormy North Atlantic.” Pvt. Carroll M. Johnson, son of Mrs. Gracie M. Medlin … Continue reading

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Samuel Vasquez: Big bang blacks-out trooper

There wasn’t supposed to be a big bang. The plane was expected to glide across the water surface, coming to a controlled halt, allowing passengers to step out onto the wing and load into the life rafts. But that didn’t happen. … Continue reading

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