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Readers from around the world have logged in more than 90,500 times to read about the virtually unknown story of Flying Tiger Flight 923, which crashed into the raging North Atlantic on the night of September 23, 1962. The disaster was supposed to be a routine water “ditching” operation, if such a bizarre event could ever be routine. It ended up as one violent, gigantic, ear-shattering slap into the dark, icy cold, wind-swept water. The thunderous impact tore off a wing, split open the hull, and sank the aircraft within about seven minutes. There were 76 men, women and children aboard. Twenty eight died, some instantly, and 48 miraculously survived as a result of a fortunate, unanticipated, multi-national rescue effort over the next three days.

More than 50 years later, the story remains relatively unknown, and many questions go without answers.

This website provides most of the details of the crash as remembered by the survivors, rescuers and those left behind told in approximately 110 separate stories accessible through the drop-down menu on the opening page. Of those who are aware of the incident, many years have passed, but not the memories and mental and physical impacts. These stories re-create much of the environment, the heroic efforts and tragedies of the night of September 23, 1962.

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Fred Caruso, the author of this article and manager and editor of this Flying Tiger 923


Fred Caruso

website, is professionally a writer, journalist and public speaker. His book Born Again Irish, published in 2007, has been recognized as the first total description of the plane crash and is widely acclaimed internationally. He is currently retired from a distinguished career in managing state, national and international professional societies and trade associations. He is a resident of Eagle, Colorado and is a part-time resident of Glengarriff in West Cork, Ireland. He and his wife Ellen are both naturalized Irish citizens, which he claims is a positive result of the Flying Tiger crash.

About Fred Caruso

Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.
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  1. Alfred (Fred) Koller says:

    I just want to let you know that GEORG JOSEF STÖCKLI passed away on July 5th 2016. He was the Radio-Operator on M/S CELERINA which registered Sunday Sept. 23rd at 2120 GMT the XXX message from Valentiaradio about the distress of flight 923 of Flying Tiger Line. In my opinion, thanks to Georg 48 persons were rescued in time from the cold Atlantic Ocean waters. He was on his last radio watch of the day and 40 minutes later he would have switched off the receiver to put on the Auto Alarm. Since Valentiaradio did alert only with XXX instead of SOS this device would have given no Alarm whatsoever.
    I myself took over as Radio-Operator on M/S CELERINA as of Aug. 7th 1966 till April 12th 1968. Georg was a very good friend of mine and for a time we worked together at a monitoring station in Switzerland. In the mid Seventies of last century we both emigrated. Georg went to Bogota Colombia, I did go to New Delhi India.
    I wanted to include Georg,s obituary with this message but unfortunately it is not accepted by this page. Should you be interested in getting it, I’ll gladly send it to you. Just let me know your postal address by E-Mail.
    Sincere regards. (Fred Koller)

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