Those on board Flying Tiger 923 on the night of September 23, 1962

Few details were available on survivors and deceased during the first days following the crash of Flying Tiger 923. One of the first stories was from the New York Times.  That story consisted of a list of those on the plane. It separated the crew from the passengers, and these two categories were separated again as those surviving the ordeal, those who died and those who were still missing at sea. The Times did not attempt to separate by Army, Air Force, Navy and so forth.

The listing below uses the same names, however they are separated into three categories: 1-crew, 2-regular passengers and 3-combat troops. Please take note of the key to markings.

Key to markings:
(**) = story written and posted
(+) = contact made with person or family and either declined interview or provided no information, or
(no mark) = can’t locate, no story available

Aboard Flying Tiger 923 the night of September 23, 1962:

Surviving crew:

**MURRAY, Capt. John D., Oyster Bay, LI, pilot
**NICHOLSON, Samuel T., Dallas, PA, navigator
**GOULD, Carol Ann, Lyndhurst, NJ, flight attendant

Deceased crew:

BROTMAN, Jacqueline L., Chicago, IL, flight attendant.
**GARRETT, James E., Brentwood, Long Island, NY, flight engineer
MUDD, Ruth, Brown Mills, NJ, flight attendant.
PARKER, Robert W., Port Washington, Long Island, NY, co-pilot
**SIMS, Betty A., New York City, NY, flight attendant.

Surviving passengers (excluding combat troopers):

ALEPOS, Sgt. Juan J, Killeen, TX
**BENSON, Maj. Harry O., Marshfield Hills, MA
**BODUNG, Sgt. 1st Class Alfred, Indianapolis, IN
+CRAPOLICCHIO, Spec. 4 Anthony M., South Arlington, VA
**DENT, Lieut. Col. George H., Fredericksburg, VA
**ELANDER, Maj. Carl R., West Point, NY
**ELANDER, Mrs. Lois, wife of Major Elander
**ELDRED, Capt. Robert C., Jenkintown, PA
**FIGUEROA-LONGO, Capt. Juan G., Santurce, PR
**FIGUEROA-LONGO, Mrs. Carmen, wife of Captain Figueroa-Longo
**FOLEY, Sgt. Peter A., South Bend, IN
**GROVES, Mrs. Helga, wife of Specialist Groves
MacDONALD, Cpl., John E., Mexico, ME
**WILSON, Sgt. Ernest L., New Orleans, LA

Deceased passengers (excluding combat troopers): 

ALTIERI, Specialist 4 Anthony, New Haven, Conn.
ALLEN, Sgt. James, East Gadsden, AL
**BANEY, S.Sgt. Melvin H., Pelham, N.H.
BELL, Sgt. Edmond P., Colorado Springs, CO
BROADWATER, Specialist 4 Charles E., El Paso, Texas
**DEVLIN, Capt. John P., Philadelphia, PA
**DEVLIN, Mrs. Naomi, wife of Captain Devlin
**DENT, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Lieut. Col. George H. Dent, Fredericksburg, VA
**ELDRED, Mrs. Edna, wife of Capt. Robert C. Eldred, a survivor, Jenkinstown, PA
**MISKIMEN, S. Sgt. Richard M., New Philadelphia, OH
**GROVES, Specialist 4 John, Pittsburg, PA
**HOOPII, Mrs Rachel K, Oahu, Hawaii
**HOOPII, Luana, child of Mrs Hoopii
**HOOPII, Ullani, Child of Mrs. Hoopii

Surviving combat troopers:  

**ACEVEDO-CAMBERO, Pvt. Raul, Los Angeles, CA
**APANEL, Pvt. Edward J. Jr., Palisades Park, NJ
BAKER, Pvt. Mack Jr., Bastrop, LA
**BAZELL, Pvt. Frank D., Van Nuys, CA
**BROWN, Pvt. George V., Oshkosh, WI
**CARUSO, Pvt. Frederick C. Jr., Nanuet, NY
**DAVIDSON, Pvt. Larry E.., Manchester, MD
DAWKINS, Pvt. Bobby D., Cowpens, SC
**GAZELLE, Pvt. Frederick C., Pasadena, CA
**GILBRETH, Pvt. Arthur L., Big Bear Lake, CA
HAWKINS, Pvt. Robert C. Birmingham, AL
HOFER, Pvt. Joe E., Birmingham, AL
KECK, Pvt. Charles P., Gibonville, NC
**KOLTAK, Pvt. Thomas P., Morgantown, WV
McGLOTHREN, Pvt. Willard F., Cottage Hill, FL
MENDEZ, Pvt. Reynolds, Chula Vista, CA
MURRAY, Pvt. Michael A., Youngstown, OH
NEVILLE, Pvt. Larry A., Fort Walton, FL
PIERCE, Pvt. Leroy F., Modesto, CA
+RUFFOLO, Pvt. Frank A., Chicago, IL
SAYERS, Pvt. James M., Princeton, WV
**SMITH, Pvt. Willie Jr., Atlanta, GA
**STEWART, Pvt. Paul R. Ardmore, OK
+THORNSBERRY, Pvt. Gordon E., Russellville, Ark
**TOMINELLO, Pvt. Dominic, Mohnton, PA
**TOOLE, Pvt. John Jr., Montgomery, AL
+TRAWICK, Pvt. Richard M., Birmingham, AL
**VASQUEZ, Pvt. Samuel C., Phoenix, AZ
+WERNER, Pvt. Douglas N., Munci, IN
WIDMER, Pvt. Edwin, Rigewood, Queens, NY

Deceased combat troopers:

BINFORD, Pvt. Harold K., Luverne, MN
BROWN, Pvt. John E. Pittsburg, PA
BUCEK, Pvt. August Jr., Wauwatosa, WI
HANSON, Pvt. Joe W., Fernwood, Idaho
**JOHNSON, Pvt. Carroll M., Tempe, AZ
JOHNSON, Pvt. Don L., Oakland, CA
**LESANE, Pvt. Harold, Philadelphia, PA
MANNING, Pvt. James L., Belleville, IL
McGINTY, Pvt. James T., Atlanta, GA

If anyone knows anything about any of those “unmarked,” please contact this site editor, Fred Caruso, a survivor, and let him know.

About Fred Caruso

Survivor of the crash of Flying Tiger 923. at night, at sea, 500 miles off the west coast of Ireland, with 28 deaths and 48 survivors, September 23, 1962.
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16 Responses to Those on board Flying Tiger 923 on the night of September 23, 1962


    You might try contacting this church in Cowpens. It appears that the Dawkins are still in town.

    GIBSONVILLE, NC 27249-9522

    Phone: 336-538-6903
    Fax: 336-584-8305

    This is either him or his son.

  3. duluthelite says:

    Pvt Bobby Dawkins is my uncle. He lives in College Park, GA. He is a Georgia Tech grad and a retired Norfolk Southern engineer. I have spoken with him about the incident. It is very hard for him and he does not really like to talk about it at all.

    • Fred Caruso says:

      Could you send me his contact information? Phone number, email, etc. I would like to write something. We don’t have to talk about the crash itself. I will appreciate making the contact. Fred Caruso

  4. Brenda Allen says:

    Sgt. James Allen was my father I would like to know if anyone remember him?

  5. Larry Neville says:

    Pvt. Larry Neville. I still live in Ft. Walton beach working as a machinist on Eglin A.F.B for the past 31years.

    • Fred Caruso says:

      I totally passed over your comment. Just realized you are one of the survivors. Congratulations! I would like to interview you and write a story for the website. Please send me your phone number. Thanks.
      Fred Caruso

  6. Carey OShea says:

    HI Fred…really enjoyed all the stories you have compiled on the flying tiger. One time a man said to careful about starting a new business. It’s like crawling on the back of the tiger. It’s a wild ride but the hard part is getting off for that’s when he can eat you. In your case the flying tiger and the combination of bad luck, good luck., and the survival skills you all exhibited saved you. It’s a miracle in itself.

  7. Jon Hanson says:

    Pvt Joe Walter Hanson is my late uncle. He was the eldest of six children, my father being the second eldest boy. My father is available if need be. Dad and I both thank you for getting this information on the Internet. My Dad has always wanted to learn more about what happened that night. If you have any questions, or you want to share any personal information with my Dad please contact us.
    Donald Hanson
    Phone #(503)728-0142
    P.O. Box 1255
    Rainier, Oregon 97048

  8. Margaret Trawick Malloy says:

    My dad is Richard Murray Trawick. He died in 2014. I don’t know much about what happened. The few times I heard him talk about it made him very upset. It sounds like a horrific experience was had by everyone. I don’t think my dad ever recovered from it.

  9. Steve Moore says:

    Joe Hover is alive and well in Rome, Ga.

  10. Michael Neville says:

    Hello , my father , Larry A Neville was on this flight , Last month we lost him to covid.. Michael Neville

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