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Fred Caruso: Thank God I’m alive!

Some survivors wrote letters to describe the crash of Flying Tiger 923. One such letter was written the day following the disaster, September 24, 1962, while still at sea aboard the Swiss rescue ship, The  Celerina. Pvt. Fred Caruso, newly graduated … Continue reading

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Thomas Koltak: A free ticket to Germany !

A secret elopement . . . a mom and dad to be . . . and a free ticket to Germany on Flying Tiger 923 ! Thomas Koltak and his wife, Judy, have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! That … Continue reading

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Raul Acevedo: Trooper tells of crash aftermath, writes to John F. Kennedy

“My CO ignored my requests for a medical leave. I asked a number of times because I had to prove to my parents that I was really alive and well. So, I stopped asking my CO and wrote a registered, … Continue reading

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Carmen Figueroa: Saved by man named Toby

“What is your name?” . . . “They call me Toby,” he said. She thanked him as he swam off into the darkness, and that was the last my mother saw of him. My Parents Survived Flying Tiger 923 By … Continue reading

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Books Tell Of Crash Drama

Three books discuss the ditching of the Flying Tiger. Cleared for Disaster: Ireland’s Most Horrific Air Crashes and In the Event of Water Landing devote one chapter each to the Flying Tiger disaster. A third, Born Again Irish, is totally … Continue reading

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James Garrett: Flight Engineer pulls the switch

Flight Engineer James Garrett, Jr., of Brentwood, Long Island, NY, had been flying most of his adult life, according to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. James Garrett, of South Norfolk, VA. It was Monday, September 24, 1962 when they were … Continue reading

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John Murray: Fate of 76 lives in Captain’s hands

Captain John D. Murray, 44, of Oyster Bay, Long Island, knew 76 lives were at stake as he slowly brought down the Super Constellation in preparation for ditching in the howling winds and raging waves of the cold north Atlantic. … Continue reading

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Not your typical airplane crash

The Flying Tiger crash was not your typical disaster in many ways, beginning with the fact that it was not simply a big bang crash, but was a disaster drawn out for many hours and even into days! The drama … Continue reading

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Flight 923 — 50 Years On

Nearly 50 years ago, a four-engine Lockheed Super Constellation, an L1049H aircraft, with a very distinctive arched tail accented by three vertical tail fins resembling predatory sharks swimming in close formation, launched from McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey, … Continue reading

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